About Us

Guardian Training Agency provides quality firearms education and preparedness training to individuals, families, emergency services workers, church security teams and school teachers. Our private training range is in Midland TX.

The Guardian Training Agency instructors

Paul Urias, paul@guardiantrainingagency.com

Paul is a law enforcement officer with 26 years’ experience. He is a former SWAT Team member, holds a Masters Peace Officer License, a certified Court Security Specialist, Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Instructor and Firearms Instructor, Texas License to Carry Handgun Instructor, NRA Instructor and Range Safety Officer. Paul`s teaching techniques are based on his various training and law enforcement experience. Paul co-founded Guardian Training Agency with the belief that training should be relevant, fun, and realistic. Paul is knowledgeable in violence in our society, self-defense and mindset techniques.  Paul is a certified Glock handgun and AR-15 rifle armorer. Paul serves on the Safety Committee at Midland Shooters Association and continues training in various disciplines and instructors.

Isaac Urias, isaac@guardiantrainingagency.com

Isaac has developed an extensive knowledge in shooting fundamentals and weapon manipulation by attending numerous handgun and carbine related courses. He is a Certified Texas Handgun License Instructor, NRA Firearms Instructor and a Chief Range Safety Officer. He founded Guardian Training Agency with the belief that training should be realistic, relevant and always evolving. Isaac enjoys sharing the knowledge he has gained with anyone willing to learn.


HaylieHaylie Urias, haylie@guardiantrainingagency.com

Haylie understands that women think, communicate and learn differently. That is why she chose to receive her NRA Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer certifications through The Well Armed Woman Instructor program. She believes that a woman should have a comfortable environment to learn, practice and train. Haylie continues with her passion to instruct women and is working on beginning a local chapter of The Well Armed Woman in Midland, Texas. Haylie recently completed Instructor ALICE response to violent events and Dark Angel Medical Direct Action Response Training

Marissa Urias marissa@guardiantrainingagency.com

Marissa has a passion for helping people. She recently returned from a world missions trip that included countries in Korea, China, Greece, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Cambodia, Thailand, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda.  She uses her experience and training as tools to better help new shooters learn by better explaining and “thinking out of the box” from traditional teaching methods.


Guardian Training Agency uses additional instructors not currently named above who are law enforcement personnel or certified instructors. Accreditation and certifications are available upon request.