What should I wear to the outdoor range?

Do Wear:

  • Jeans or cargo pants.  You will need pockets.
  • A short sleeve or long sleeve t-shirt that tucks into your pants so that you can draw from the holster without any impediment
  • Appropriate footwear, sneakers, boots or other shoes used for hiking and walking over outdoor terrain
  • A sturdy belt that fits through your pant loops for your holster
  • A ball cap to protect your face from flying brass and sun

Don’t Wear:

  • Expensive clothes or jewelry
  • A tank top, low cut top, top with an open midriff
  • Shorts, skin tight jeans or pants where you can’t store ammunition in the pockets
  • flip flops, high heels, spike heels or any other shoes you would not wear for hiking.
  • A skinny fashion belt that is useless with a holster attached to it.

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