Firearms Proficiency Portion

Getting A Handgun License is now easier!

Thanks to Texas House Bill 3784 that paved the way for online course providers to deliver the classroom instruction portion of the LTC training requirement online.  Upon completion of the LTC online course, you will receive your LTC-101 form.   You must also pass the firearms portion of the course.

Contact us to schedule the shooting portion to complete you LTC training.

Required equipment for the range portion:

  • A quality handgun
  • A holster
  • At least (2) magazines (makes things easier for you on the firing line)
  • Sturdy belt to support the holster
  • 60 rounds of reliable ammunition (10 to warm up and 50 for the course of fire)
  • Eye protection (prescription eyeglasses will suffice)
  • Hearing protection (electronic recommended)
  • A ball cap recommended
  • See our page on what to wear to the range

About the Instructor

Paul Urias,

Paul is a current local law enforcement officer with 25 years experience. He is a former SWAT Team member and is a certified Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Texas License to Carry Handgun Instructor, NRA Instructor and Range Safety Officer. He is a Trainer and Firearms Instructor for the department where he works. Paul`s training techniques are based on his various training and law enforcement experience. Paul co-founded Guardian Training Agency with the belief that training should be exciting, relevant and realistic. Paul is knowledgeable in self-defense, mindset techniques and is a certified Glock handgun and AR-15 rifle armorer. Paul serves on the Safety Committee at Midland Shooters Association. To continue with his training, Paul recently completed a Dark Angel Medical and ALICE response to active shooter class.

*Guardian Training Agency reserves the right to refuse our services to anyone if we have reason to believe there is a safety concern.