LTC Proficiency Demonstration

License to Carry a Handgun Shooting Qualification $50

Did you complete the classroom portion of the LTC class but need the shooting portion?  We are certified to provide the required 50 round shooting qualification portion of the LTC class at our private outdoor range. You may complete the shooting portion during one of our scheduled LTC classes or we can arrange a time.

To request a shooting qualification, please complete this contact form and an instructor will assist you.

Items needed for the qualification:


  • A handgun that is properly oiled in good working condition that is at least .32 caliber
  • A magazine, two or more makes things easier on the firing line
  • 100 rounds of ammunition
  • A holster for your handgun is highly recommended
  • Eye and hearing protection
  • Water to drink

We will email a response to your registration request.

*Guardian Training Agency reserves the right to refuse our services to anyone.