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“This was the most amazing experience! I had so much fun and learned so much!!! I wasn’t uncomfortable or nervous at all and trust me I was really nervous about going… I didn’t feel out of place, I didn’t feel rushed, and they don’t make you feel dumb if you make a mistake.. which will probably happen! Point is, you need your license to carry now, youre not safe in this world anymore…. so when your ready guardian training is where you need to go!” –  Jenni-Dave Hurst


“Gained a lot of information I have been searching for and I know will help me later in the future. I would recommend this class to my friends and family who are gun shy.  I know you’ll leave confident and knowledgeable enough to handle a handgun! Thank you guys!” – Taylor Brodmerkel


“I had a great time on the gun range. Learned how to hold my gun properly. Paul and Isaac were very helpful and patient. Classroom instruction was very interesting. Learned a lot about the Penal Codes. I can’t wait to take another training with you guys.” – Diana Pennington


“I had a class of two with Paul being the instructor. It was better with a small class since he gives more attention to each of you. Paul was real fun but professional at the same time which is sometimes hard to do but he was awesome! Yeah the class time was long but if you are going to get a CHL license I would think everyone would want to know the in’s and out’s of the law. So I’m glad we spent so much time in the class to go over scenarios and how you should think as a CHL carrier with Isaac, his son. It was an eye opening experience and they definitely brought up things and scenarios that I wouldn’t have thought of. Anyone who wants to really KNOW how to shoot a gun needs to come to Guardian Training Agency. You really get your money’s worth.” Kinley Meyer

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