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Local Shooting Matches. How can I benefit?

By Paul Urias January 30th, 2018.

Can participating in organized matches at your local range improve your shooting? Absolutely! if you’re not participating in local organized shooting events, your missing out.

Some of the best training and advice I have received has been from the experienced shooters I’ve meet at local matches. Priceless tips on moving while shooting, the use of barricades, shooting faster and advice on gear and equipment. These are some of the guys I`ve watched and learned from.

If you believe not good enough to compete in local matches your mistaken. Matches at local shooting clubs bring like minded people together at one place. When your new, you have questions. The nice folks that compete at the matches are eager help and answer questions. Everyone must start somewhere. They too remember when they where getting started and remember the people that helped them.

Learning and practicing new skills will only make you a better, well rounded and more experienced shooter. So, what are you waiting on? Go out there and get started in organized shooting events.

Midland Shooters Association

Midland Shooters Association in Midland offers numerous organized shooting events such as 3 gun competitions, USPSA and IDPA. All matches are ran by volunteers and usually range from $10 -$20 to participate.





Odessa Area Outdoor Gun Range & Paintball

Odessa Area Outdoor Gun Range & Paintball in Odessa offers events and even lowlight paintball. Practice using barricades and movement and try not to get hit