What to wear

What should I wear to the outdoor range?

Wear clothing that is comfortable but, not too loose that spent casing fall into.

Outdoor shooting ranges are dusty and the ground is uneven and with small rocks and spent brass casings.  We recommend wearing good non-slip shoes for comfort and safety.


  • Jeans or cargo pants.  You will need pockets for extra magazines or ammo
  • A short or long sleeve shirt that tucks into your pants so that you can draw from the holster without any impediment
  • Appropriate footwear, sneakers, boots or other shoes used for hiking and walking over outdoor terrain
  • A sturdy belt that fits through your pant loops for your holster
  • A ball cap to protect your face from flying brass and sun

NOT Recommended.

  • Sweatpants or gym shorts with only a drawstring
  • Leggings or yoga pants
  • Expensive clothes or jewelry, do not wear big bracelets . Ear rings not recommended with hearing protection
  • A loose or low cut top, or top with an open midriff
  • No flip flops or heels

Don’t worry about your performance.  Enjoy the class. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns